My name is JoAnn  & I am a proud tribal member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. My
passion for dogs began some 35 years ago with my first GSD named Shoe. I have titled several
dogs in the sport of IPO as well as AKC, UKC and other dog sports. I have trailed at the local,
regional, national and international level.

My husband John is an excellent trainer and handler with many accomplishments under his belt
including local, regional & national level competitor.

We have been married for a little over 20 years. We have been raising, training and titling our
own dogs for about 20 years now. Working our own dogs gives us first hand knowledge of each
of our dogs strengths and weaknesses.

We both share the passion to maintain the integrity of GSD's with good health, strong working
ability, stable character and a sound temperament. This all starts with a sound breeding

Our first litter was born in 2000.  All our puppies are whelped at our home. At about 3-4 weeks
they are moved out to the puppy house which has a climate controlled area with a dog door to
the outside which helps them become quickly potty trained, making it easier when the new family
takes them home.  While they are here with us they experience a variety of floor surfaces.
Vacuums, loud noises and normal household activity are a normal part of their lives. They are
exposed to our other dogs, cats, children and a variety of other people.

We are open for visitation anytime, just please call first to make sure we are home.

When you purchase a puppy from Von Hartwin, you can expect honesty and a lifetime of
support for your new family member!  Quality dogs for the discriminating buyer. Health,
temperament, and workability are our top priorities to ensure a lifetime of happiness for our
puppies and our clients.

We will help you in your search for the perfect German Shepherd puppy or adult,

Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy our cyber home.

John &  JoAnn
About Us....
"My goal in life is to
become as wonderful as
my dog thinks I am."
- Toby
& Eileen Green
"A dog has lots of friends
because he wags his tail
and not his tongue."
- Anonymous
"The more I see of the
representatives of the
people, the more I admire
my dogs."
- Alphonse de Lamartine
JoAnn Letcher