The many stages of floppy ears!
The fold in
The teepee
The crossover
The right wave
The left wave
The flying nun
The right lean
The left lean
The roll back
The basic flop
When will my puppy's ears stand?
Every pup is different. I have had ears pop up as early as 4 weeks and NEVER go back down, and we have seen them
take as long as 11 months before EVER standing erect.  But to date,
we have never produced a puppy whose ears did not stand.

More often than not, your VHK puppy will have ears that flip flop around during the first several months of their life.  The
ears may go up and then fall back down. Others may fold to the side, cross over, and then fall back down before ever
standing correctly. I have even seen them roll backwards!

I will personally give one of our GSD puppies to the age of 10 months before starting to worry. Yes it can be very
frustrating playing the waiting game. Patience..patience..patience is what I recommend!!!

Many times people over react and begin trying to "correct " ears prematurely. Often times this does  damage, and in
some cases is the only reason the puppy’s ears never stand correctly.  A quick Internet search will bring you tons of
horror stories and several ways to "help" the ears stand. More often than not, they are dealing with large show lines,
American lines , poorly  breed or puppy mill puppies. As far as a VHK puppy goes, taping or gluing of the ears is not
recommended without consulting me or a knowledgeable vet. I also DO NOT recommend Calcium supplements. To much
calcium will build-up on the bone tissue and cause severe pain and abnormal growth. It can also cause Panosteitis
(growing pains and/or inflammation of the bones).
What not to do? Puppy ears should never be rubbed excessively or played with by human hands. This can weaken the
cartilage and cause the puppy’s ears to never stand correctly. Never leave your puppy with young children unsupervised,
and make sure anyone who comes in contact with the puppy understands that its ears are not to play with. Do not leave
your puppy unsupervised with other puppies or dogs that may like to chew or tug on the puppy’s ears.  Feed your puppy
a food specially formulated for puppy growth. Practice good hygiene and make sure your puppies ears are cleaned

What to do? Relax.  Enjoy it. Laugh a lot and take lots of photos.  Before long, you will have a grown dog and only happy
memories of those funky "blowing in the wind" ear days! Besides, whats the worst that can happen? Although the
standard for the GSD includes erect ears, no dog is less lovable because one or both ears are floppy or leaning.
Tattoos will be done by request.only

It's a permanent identifying mark in case they get lost or stolen. We
also microchip but this gives your dog it's highest chances of being
returned to you.

Microchips can and do fail from time to time.

Dognappers and finders are deterred and are not going to take or try
to keep a pet with a permanent VISIBLE form of ID.

When a pet is found by an individual who is not aware of micro
chipping and does not know to take the pet to a clinic or shelter for
scanning, the microchip is of no benefit. The tattoo is visually seen, no
special scanning equipment needed.

Federal law restricts the use of a tattooed animal for research.  
Laboratories can't accept tattooed animals. They can lose their
license if they do.
Your pups ear will not stay green forever.  The green can be washed out or just let it fade away over time and
only the green lettering of the tattoo will remain visible.  Pictured above is Yetti. Her tattoo number is VHKY03

VHK= Von Hartwin Kennels
Y= Litter with the Alphabet letter Y (Y litter)
03 = 3rd puppy born.