..Utility is the true
criterion of beauty...
He is your friend, your
partner, your
defender, your dog.
You are his life, his
love, his leader. He will
be yours, faithful and
true, to the last beat of
his heart. You owe it
to him to be worthy of
such devotion.
"The most striking
features of the
Shepherd are
of nerves,

are firmness,
reliability and
together with
fighting tenacity
and hardness."
- Max von Stephanitz;
Father of the German
Shepherd Dog
"My dog is usually
pleased with what I
do, because she is not
infected with the
concept of what I
"should" be doing."
- Lonzo Idolswine
Our Females
The mother line is the most vital and often overlooked aspect of strong genetics. We select our breeding
females for excellent health, structure and temperaments. We back it up by training, testing, titling, showing
& handling our own dogs in several different venues. All of our females are hip certified and pass physical
examinations before being breed.
Czoe von der Bosen Hunden

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Della von Hartwin

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Lani von der Mueller-Hof

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"If you don’t have a
dog--at least one--
there is not
necessarily anything
wrong with you, but
there may be
Retired Girls
No longer breeding but enjoying their retirement years with us for life!
Will'O von Hartwin

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Gina vom Lucas

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John & JoAnn Letcher
Foxxie von Hartwin

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Gemma von Hartwin

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Evee von Hartwin

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IMA von Hartwin

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