There is a widely held belief that "AKC" or "AKC papers" guarantee the quality of a dog. This is not true! AKC is
a registry body. A registration certificate identifies the dog as the offspring of a known sire and dam, born on a
known date. It in no way indicates the quality or state of health of the dog. Do your homework and know what
to expect.
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AKC has 3 types of registration papers. Be sure to ask the breeder what type of registration papers will be
provided for your new puppy.

Full Registration- you have full breeding rights and this dog may be shown in all AKC events.
Full registration certificates are white with a purple border.

Limited Registration- Can not be breed or shown in AKC conformation shows. He can still participate in
sporting events such as Obedience, agility and schutzhund. Sometimes breeders will sell on limited registration
with a contract that if you follow certain guidelines, they can lift the limited and change it to full. Be sure to get
this in writing. The word “LIMITED” will be boldly stated on the registration certificate which will have an orange

Conditional Registration- When unknown parentage is indicated via DNA testing, registration is “conditional”
until a three generation pedigree is established.   “Unknown” will be noted on the registration or pedigree for
the ancestor in question. These dogs may not be shown in AKC shows but may participate in sporting events.
They are able to be breed but with certain restrictions. The word “Conditional” will be boldly stated on the
registration certificate which will have a yellow border.
Or a registration certificate that looks like this....
If registration application or certificate can not be provided at the time your new puppy is delivered you should
have a signed contract with the following information: (it is not uncommon for registration papers to not be in
hand yet, especially in regards to imports or puppies from imported parents and can take awhile.)

A time frame of when papers are expected
Sex and color and markings
Date of birth
Litter number (when available)
Names and numbers of sire and dam
Name of breeder
Date sold or delivered

Once you have your papers in hand, its up to you to transfer ownership into your name.

If an application is provided
, make sure it is filled out and signed by the seller as well as you the buyer. You
then send it too AKC or
submit the info on line. I always recommend to take a photo copy before sending it in,
just in case it gets lost in the mail. The cost for new Dog Registration is $20.00

If a certificate is provided, make sure the seller as well as you the buyer fill out and sign the back. You will
then need to send it to AKC and they will issue a new certificate listing you as the owner. I always recommend
to take a photo copy before sending it in, just in case it gets lost in the mail. The cost to transfer registration is
AKC papers and what to expect
Each of my puppies will go home on Limited registration. I transfer
ownership at time of pick up. Everything is done on line and you will
recieve an email conformation from AKC. The American Kennel Club will
then send your registration certificate to your home. 30 days of AKC pet
insurance and Your lifetime enrolement to AKC reunite will also be
activated at the time of transfer
When you purchase an AKC-registrable dog, you should get an individual Dog Registration Application from the
seller that looks like this....
Your von Hartwin Puppy will come with limited registration- I MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS.

There is no difference between a show/working/breeding prospect and a pet. In the end they are ultimately
JUST MY PETS. However, thru health testing, training, titleing AND my stringent ideas of what a perfect
temperament is, my breeding dogs have proved themselves to be worthy of being breed and passing on their

When you show your dog, you are also representing your breeder. When you breed your dog, you are using
the blood lines he or she took years to put together. The result of these years of work was the lovely puppy
you got.

Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration on a BREED QUALITY dog
1) They recieve a passing grade from OFA or A stamp for hips AND elbows.
2) They obtain some form of working title/certification/temperament testing.
3) In addition to the dog being worthy, the owners must prove it too- You must prove to me that you are ready
and have done your research.You must be ready for dealing with potential buyers, the stress of raising pups
right and placing them in good homes. The commitment you take on iis immense and for many, overwhelming.
People seem to think that because their dogs are good pets, they should breed them and make more good
pets.  That's the worst reason to breed GSDs. Every puppy is a living, breathing animal and just like us
humans, no one is perfict.