Past Litters
Here at Von Hartwin we take great pride in every pup we produce.
Please enjoy watching our pups grow and develop into the awesome dogs they are!
B- Dar/Alina
C- Dar/Chassis
D- Lex/Chassis
E- Soldier/Czoe
F- Crack/Alina
G- Dar/Chassis
H- Dar/Czoe
I- Haunter/Chassis
J- Haunter/Alina
K- Denny/Czoe
L- Cuda/Alina
M- Cuda/Xina
Although all our dogs are stars, We would like to pay a small tribute to our
progeny that have been awarded titles, Health certifications or are working
service dogs. There is no higher compliment to a breeder than to see one
of the puppies that they helped produce go on to great things. My sincere
gratitude and many congratulations to the dog/handler teams and to those
that have helped them along the way.
A2-  Askan/Della
B2- Askan/Haska
C2- Loco/Beata
D2- Askan/Della
E2- Askan/Beata
F2- Loco/ Izzy
G2- Askan/Della
H2- Askan/Lani
I2- Askan/Willo
J2- Loco/Gina
K2- Divo/Gina
L2- Askan/WillO
M2- Askan/Lani
N- Denny/Czoe
O- Denny/Haska
P- Indy/Della
Q- Focus/Lani
R- Focus/Alina
S- Don/Chassis
T- Denny/Czoe
U- Indy/Della
V- Don/Chassis
W- Cuda/Alina
X- Focus/Della
Y- Askan/Haska
Z- Loco/Lani
John & JoAnn Letcher
Mayetta KS 66509
N2- Loco/Gina
O2- Askan/WillO
P2- Ikon/Foxxie
Q2- Ikos/Gina
R2- Ikos/WillO
S2- Ikos/Gina
T2- Nante/Ima