"Acquiring a dog may
be the only opportunity
a human ever has to
choose a relative."
-- Mordecai Siegal
There is no psychiatrist
in the world like a
can spare and love we
can spare. And in
return, dogs give us
“We give dogs time we
their all. It’s the best
deal man has ever
“We give dogs time we
M. Facklam
Von Hartwin Shepherds are a cut above the rest. We don't just guarantee our German Shepherd puppies
against severe or crippling Hip Dysplasia, we guarantee the hips to
pass OFA. When you purchase a puppy from
Von Hartwin, you can expect honesty and a lifetime of support for your new family member!  Quality dogs for the
discriminating buyer. Health, temperament, and workability are our top priorities to ensure a lifetime of happiness
for our puppies and our clients.

Each von Hartwin pup
will come with:
Written contract,
Official AKC Registration Certificate
AKC Pet Insurance: 60 days of pet health insurance with up to $1,500 in coverage
AKC new puppy handbook: Essential care and advice for the new puppy owner
AKC Microchip and Lifetime enrolement in AKC Reunite Lost Pet Recovery Service
Complimentary initial appointment at an AKC Veterinary Network Provider
LIFETIME breeder support & advice,
UTD shots & de-wormings with a complete health exam from our vet prior to placement
either going to buy a
dog or have a child.
We can't decide
whether to ruin our My
husband and I are
carpet or ruin our
lives.  Rita Rudner
Money can buy a
pretty good dog,
but it won't buy the
wag of his tail.."
-- Unknown
Puppy Prices
Our baby puppy prices range from $1500 to $1800, depending on who their parents are, what
their achievements are and whether or not we must pay an outside stud. Older puppies are
priced accordingly with age and amount of training but range from $1500- $2500.

A note about deposits
To place a hold on and reserve your new puppy requires a 250.00 deposit. If a puppy is not
made available with your chosen breeding, your deposit will be refunded or moved to another
breeding of your choice. Deposits are non- refundable for any other reason.

I do place deposits in the order they are received but I must give preference to working homes
for some of our higher drive pups. Each and every puppy from these breedings are high
quality pups whose parents are proven and sound, But some of our pups are better suited in
working homes, while others are best suited in companion homes. Our years of experience will
help you choose the pup that is right for you and your family.

Payment methods that we accept
*Personal checks accepted for deposit only
*Paypal + a 3% charge must be added for all paypal payments
*Money Order or Cash
John & JoAnn Letcher
Mayetta KS 66509
Do you want to give your von Hartwin puppy the vey best start
in training? Click the link below to find out how.
IntCH, SG Ikos von Tjärnshaget
Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1)  
Elbows: SV: Normal
, DM: Clear

U-CH, Int-CH, SG Gina vom Lucas
Elbows:OFA Normal
, DM: Clear
IntCH, SG Ikos von Tjärnshaget
Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1)  
Elbows: SV: Normal
DM: Clear

U-CH Will'O von Hartwin
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows:OFA Normal  
DM: Clear
R Litter von Hartwin
DOB Jan 8th  (3 boys, 5 Girls)
1 boy, 3 girls still available.  Accepting deposits now.
Click here for more information
Nante vom Metterursprung
Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1)  
Elbows: SV: Normal
AKC DNA #V779105

IMA von Hartwin
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows:OFA Normal  
DM: Clear
S Litter von Hartwin  
DOB 1-16-19 (6 boys, 2 girls)
ore information comming soon!