AKC Registered names- Technically, the AKC gives you the right to decide the
registered name but I have it in my sale contract that the pup shall be registered with
my given name, or one I approve of, as well as my kennel name. The AKC allows for
up to 36 characters total or for an additional 10.00 they will allow up to 50
characters total.

How do you name your puppies? I assign a letter of the alphabet to each litter.
Each puppy from that litter must have a first name that starts with that letter. Their
last name is Von Hartwin which means "of or from the brave friend". So say you
choose a puppy from my Z litter. If you name her Zina, she will be AKC registered as
"Zina von Hartwin" her name translates to: "Zina from the brave friend"

Can I choose my puppies name?
If you purchase your puppy before they turn 8 weeks old, I allow my clients to help in
choosing the puppies first name. After registration at 8 weeks, they will all be given a
name and that is what must go on their registration papers.

What if I don't like any names that start with my litter letter?
Of course the puppy's call name can be anything you like and may be totally
unrelated to their registered name. It's kind of fun when you come up with a call
name that reflects the registered name in some way however.

Why do I have to use your kennel name? A kennel name is like a "last name" for
dogs. It tells the world who bred the dog. It is very helpful when researching
pedigrees (many with experience can look with a glance and know how to spot a
quality dog by kennel names.)

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